Obsidian Marketing Inc

At Obsidian, we are committed to growth both as individuals and as an organization.

We firmly believe in employing a winning strategy to cultivate our organization's future leaders. Our competitive advantage is the caliber of our staff and their capacity to energetically and characteristically represent any brand.

Winnipeg Sales

Winnipeg MarketingVision

We plan to expand internationally and revolutionize how organizations market directly to consumers by integrating our expertise in customer service, sales, and marketing.

Winnipeg Sales OpportunitiesMission

For businesses wishing to expand their consumer base through outsourced sales channels, we offer over 7 years of sales coaching and expertise. Regarding sales training and leadership development, we consistently pay close attention to detail, which allows us to surpass our competitors.

At Obsidian, we want individuals and clients to reach their full potential.

Our Core Values

Marketing Company Winnipeg Integrity

To develop a productive workplace and culture, integrity is a crucial value. Colleagues can have faith in one another's skills and intentions because of it, and it serves as the cornerstone for mutual respect and trust.

Winnipeg Marketing OpportunitiesGrowth

The true beauty of self-growth is that the possibilities are infinite. You can grow towards your goals in whichever way you choose, and the more you grow, the happier, and more fulfilled you’ll be now and in the future.

Winnipeg Entry-Level Opportunities